Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Freebie!

Ok, so this is a tiny little freebie, but a freebie nonetheless! I made this Disney title with the help of the free Atomic Cupcake gel action. I hope someone out there can use it! I just set up my 4shared account, so I hope this works!! Here is the link! FREEBIE

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gotta Blog!

I finally decided to start a blog. I know, everyone who is anyone started a blog YEARS ago. Oh well, I guess I'm behind the times as usual! I actually set up a Blogger account well over a year ago, I just never DID anything about it! Now that I'm getting into digital scrapbooking and sharing files and such, I could see why I needed a blog. I hope to use this space to share things I love, including digital scrapbooking stuff like freebies and layouts, Disney stuff, dog stuff, parenting stuff, and other cool stuff that happens to be on my mind that day! I hope someone out there finds it helpful! Well, at least I might find it helpful! Here is a page I'm downloading freebies from right now. Cute stuff!