Friday, June 27, 2008

Amazing Kits found for Characters, Animal Kingdom and more!!

Today is a fantastic day for Disney Digi-scrapping! I found some fantastic freebies and kits for sale for Disney stuff! Let's start with this awesome kit for scrapping Cruise pics. I haven't been on a Disney cruise yet, but I'm keeping this kit in mind in case I ever do! It isn't Disney-specific, but it is perfect for those cruise pics! It is from Digital Dry Goods. Click on the pic to go pick it up!
While I was perusing Digital Dry Goods, I also stumbled on this gem, which I hope to play with soon, as I have MANY of Goofy waiting to be scrapped! I think this kit ROCKS! Check it out!
I promise to post my layouts when I get them made! Oh yeah, speaking of Disney and character photos, Britt of Britt-ish designs came out with some awesome stuff for Disney/character photos today, too. I can't wait to play with these! I bought everything she released today! Here are the two Disney themed items -- stickers:

and these awesome polka dot papers!!

and while I was shopping at SM, I picked up these borders by Ellie Lash. They said "Disney" to me, too!

and then somewhere along the line today, during all of my freebie hunting and digi shopping, I stumbled on this kit which looks perfect for some Animal Kingdom LO's! I have some kits in my stash already for AK, but this one looks great, too. Check it out!

Love it! And, if you made it this far, you should go check out this FREEBIE on Ditters Free Doodles, which also has some great elements and papers for Animal Kingdom, Fort Wilderness, or Wilderness Lodge pictures! Here is a picture of the papers. Check her blog for the rest!

Well, that should keep you busy for a little while!! I'll try to come back soon with some layouts and more links to share and maybe even another freebie or two! Don't forget to get my POP logo from yesterday and leave some love if you snag it! Thanks! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

POP Century Freebie!!

This file stared out as just the POP logo with the burst behind it. A fellow digital scrapper, Fran, on the DIS boards made it and I asked if she would share the file with me. I went to use it on my layout and decided to expand on her design. Then we decided to share the finished product with all of you! Check out Fran's blog to say thanks and check out her other work!

Here is what the logo looks like on a layout:
paper from HayNay Designs Jump paper Add-On,
elements from DigiTreats Felt Layer Your Own elements
frame from Digitreats Jump Elements 10
POP logo from Fran, altered a little by me (I added the blue and white splats and the words Disney's and Resort to her logo)
Rubik's cube picture by auntie rain (from Flickr)
Foosball pic by migoto chou (from Flickr)
PlayDoh pic by nmleyes (from Flickr)

and here is a preview of just the logo itself.
Click HERE to download!
I hope you like it!!

I'm working on some more SBC+ template freebies and some more Disney stuff, too!! See you real soon!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Today We're talking Princesses!

OK, so today I think I'll try to cover Disney princess kits. I found some great freebies today, so that kind of inspired me. I'll start with those.

Since Aurora is my favorite Disney princess, I'll show you the preview of the Sleeping Beauty download. There are also links for Snow White, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella here, too! Click HERE or on the image for the link.
OK, so those are adorable, but kind of limiting. For unlimited Princess potential, I invite you to check out some of Britt-ish Designs Princess inspired kits! We all know I'm a huge Britt fan and I think these kits ROCK! And the first one is even FREE! Here it is -- Who Needs a Fairy Godmother?

Her other princess kits include Her royal highness, Princess Polka Dots, and Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. Click on the pictures to go to Britt's store at ScrapMatters.

next is Princess Polka Dots
and Faith, trust, and Pixie Dust
Here's one from Glenda Ketcham for those Cinderella Pages. She has some great stuff for Mickey and friends, too!

Oh, wait, how could I forget Britt's Dreams Do Come True kit? Whew! Wouldn't want to forget this one!

I know I saw a few more cute princess kits out there, but those are the ones that came to mind today. If I find more, I"ll be sure to let you know! Stop back soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fabulous Freebie Finds Today!

Wow -- I snagged some great freebies today! One of them will be great for Tomorrowland or Future World photos, too! So, since I'm a freebie junkie, here are my fantastic finds for today!

Built Tough from Raspberry Road designs. A great set of papers and elements for the tough little dudes in your life. If your kid likes diggers like mine does, this kit is a must have!
Here is a picture of the elements, there are papers, too!

Here is the kit I sad could be good for Disney Tomorrowland or Future World layouts. I just think it is adorable! It is a collab between Pineapple Plantation, Scrap Orchard, and Ziggle Scraps and it is great! Here is a link to the page with the links to all three parts of the kit and here is a picture of some of the elements in the kit:
And another great general freebie from Angel in my Pocket Designs today. yet another piece of her HUGE Sweet Orange Blitz kit! I think all of the links for the entire kit are still active, so if you really want to spend some time downloading freebies, go on over there and get started! If you already have the rest of the kit, then grab up these beautiful overlays to add to the collection!

Those are my faves for today, I hope you grab some of them! Don't forget to leave the designers some love if you download, so they know we like their work!! (feel free to leave me some love, too, if you like my freebie list :) )

Monday, June 16, 2008

Disney Digital Scrapping Kits

I seem to have gotten myself a tiny little following on the DIS and ScrapShare as the Disney Digital LO lady. So, in order to summarize what I have been telling people, I think I'll start a list of my favorite sites and kits for scrapping Disney Digital pages.

Today I think I'll focus on general kits that work for Disney pics and Mickey pics. I will do future posts on Princesses, Pirates, Hollywood themes, Safari themes, character themes, and different "land" themes.

The kit I seem to reach for first is Britt-ish Designs Leave the World Behind. I actually scored it for free the first week it came out by sending Britt a show-off, but I would have scarfed it up instantly when it came out no matter what!! I LOVE this kit!

Here is a picture of it:
and here is one of the MANY LO's I have used this kit to make (click for credits):
Britt also made a fantastic freebie kit that goes with this mega kit. It is called Mouse in the House and it is a critical addition to your Disney digital scrapping stash!! Here is the picture:
You can click the link or the picture to go to Britt's blog to get the freebie. Here is one of my LO's that uses both of these great kits together!! Click for credits.
Another designer that has a lot of great Disney-related kits is Seebee of SeeBee's Freebies. If you go to her blog and search for "Dream Trip" you'll find TONS of free magical downloads! Here are a few of my favorites Mickey-related ones:
Papers (pics are clickable)
cool borders:
I love these photo corners, too:
Here is a kit I have, but haven't gotten to play with yet. It is from Digital Dry Goods and it is called Love the Mouse! and it is adorable!!
Those are the Mickey-colored kits that came to mind first. I hope you find this list helpful. I think I'll work on my Pirate list next!! AAAARRRR!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

What a response and a freebie template!

Wow! I added one little line to my siggie that said, "check out my digital scrapbooking layouts here" and in the past two days, I have gotten 6 PM's asking me about digital scrapbooking! Wow! I am blown away (I never get PM's!)! All of these PM's were from the DIS, BTW. I want to blog more about digital scrapbooking, especially since I use Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus software. I LOVE this software (and no, I don't sell it). I want to help people learn how to use it and have FUN creating digital works of art. To that end, I'm offering the first or hopefully many freebie downloads that can be used in SBC+ to make pages. It is a blank template version of this layout:

You have to download the file, unzip it and save it in your StoryBook folder in SBC+, then you can open it as a project and add your pictures. You can then move the LO to any of your albums in progress. Make sure to save the new file with a new name, so you can keep the blank template for future use. If any of this isn't clear, let me know! This is the first time I'm trying this!! So, without further delay, HERE is the download link!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mickey Plates

This may seem silly, but today I'm talking about Mickey Plates. These are the plates that kid's meals are served in at Walt Disney World. I posted about them on the DIS and it turns out that I'm not the only crazy person that saves the plates and re-uses them at home! My 3 year old loves to eat his snacks out of these Mickey plates and I love how deep they are, so they keep the snacks in place, especially if I give him something he's allowed to carry around the house!

Anyway, someone requested a picture of the plates, so as I was uploading it etc, I decided to take the opportunity to test the Blog This! button in Picasa. It seems to work! I love Picasa. I'll write about that another day.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

A Good Day for Freebies!

I found some really cute digital scrapbooking freebies today. I found them all through DigiFree, but I thought I'd share the ones I decided to pick up here. Sometimes that DigiFree can be a little overwhelming! Here are the kits and things I thought were worthwhile today:
Budding Artist -- adorable! I was sure this was one of those that wasn't really a freebie when I saw it on DigiFree, but it really is free and I love it!!
Cherry Bomb. It has red, black and white, so I think it might be useful for some Disney pages, if nothing else!!
Cherry Lemonade I got the rest of this one the other day, but here's a link to all the parts that are up right now. This looks like a fun kit for summer stuff
I snagged this Word Art, too. It cracked me up and I can't wait to scrap it!!
I had to have this Fourth Of July kit, too. Not sure what I'm going to use it for yet, but it caught my eye.

Well, that's what I downloaded today. I hope the list might be helpful to someone!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Furminator (AKA the $50 dog brush)

I can't believe I spent $50 on a DOG BRUSH. Dog crate, sure! Dog show, of course! Do brush? Not so much. But I have to say, after one day of owning the Furminator, i already believe that I got my money's worth. This thing is AMAZING! I have two Labrador Retrievers, one yellow and one chocolate and they are shedding like crazy right now, so I splurged for the Large, $50 version of the Furminator. I read a few reviews of the product online and I decided that I had to have it. The piles of dog hair on my grass outside tell me that I made a good decision. Well, buying it was a good decision, I'm not sure if brushing them outside on a windy day was the best idea, my neighbors downwind might not have been so thrilled!! Oh well, at least there is a HUGE pile of dog hair outside instead of piling up in the corners of my house. If you have a shedding dog, and are wondering if the Furminator is worth the price, I say go for it. And if you have neighbors that you don't like, brush the dog when the wind is blowing their way!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I found this fun quiz on Britt's blog and i just had to try it. Since my group of friends in high school referred to ourselves collectively as the "Nerd Herd", I guess it isn't surprising that the quiz deemed me slightly nerdy (well, actually low-ranking nerd to be precise)! The quiz was fun! Check it out here (if I can do this right, I might not be nerdy enough to get this to work!)

I am nerdier than 69% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!