Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Disney Questions!

Friends are always asking me for my Disney tips and tricks. I guess the fact that my family has visited Disney World 14 times in 8 years makes people think we know a thing or two about Disney! :) So, rather than just let the person asking the question benefit from my wisdom, I thought I'd share the answers here in case anyone else has the same questions! Here are some questions I got today:

 We will have four park days. So, I have a few questions... How do I know ahead of time which parks open early or have a special night time event so that we know where we want to go. I can't find that online..... 
I always use the Park Hours calendar on WDWInfo.Com.  I like their format and it always seems to be up to date.  You can also get the park hours while you are in the parks with the My Disney Experience App.
With four park days, you can obviously hit every park.  Although, we tend to spend more time in Epcot and the Magic Kingdom than we do in Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, but for a first time visitor, you might as well hit them all!  But, if you want my opinion, Animal Kingdom is skippable on a first trip.  If you feel like you haven't seen everything in Magic Kingdom or Epcot and want to go back, then consider skipping AK.  It will always be there when you go back again someday (and you will want to go back!)
 We don't want a 'princess lunch' or whatever, but we would like one or two 'sit down' meals. It may be too late to get reservations... We are going march 26. What do you suggest/ recommend?....
I LOVE Chef Mickey's for a character meal, but it might be tough to get in there now.  Although, you never know until you try!  Call 474-WDW-DINE and ask!  Try for lunch which is a less popular time of day.  Also, try Crystal Palace.  That is a fantastic buffet right in Magic Kingdom and I have had luck getting in there at the last minute.  You can also book dining reservations online HERE through Disney.  That site has has some issues in the past six months, but it seems to be working a little better these days.
Do we get fast pass there or do I have to get that ahead of time? It IS worth doing, right?....
You used to get fastpasses there (and you still can), but if you have Magic Bands with your reservation, you should be able to book through the new fastpass plus system online.   You should create a My Disney Experience account now HERE.  That's where you can book your fastpasses.  If you don't do them online, they have kiosks in the parks where you can also get FP+ at kiosks in the parks or through the My Disney Experience app.  We tested it out on our August trip and we really liked the app.  Get a FP for Illuminations if they offer it -- that was a cool location!
We paid for breakfast plan at the hotel. B/c it's not technically a Disney resort, we don't qualify for the meal plan. So we figured one or two nights we'd have a sit down dinner. I want to book them now. Do you prefer park eating or downtown Disney?.....
We like both.  Resort eating is great, too.  Ohana and Kona cafe at the Polynesian are awesome.  And T-REX cafe at Downtown Disney is one of our favorites, too.  HINT -- call T-REX directly to make a reservation instead of going through Disney.  They hold a bunch of the reservations back from Disney so when Disney says they are booked, that isn't always the case.
Do you ever go off-Disney? Anything worth doing down there instead of a park??
We don't bother.  Especially for a short trip.  We did go to Kennedy Space Center after our cruise in August, but that's just because it was right there!  It was awesome, but not worth trying to squeeze into a four day trip.  we haven't done Sea World or any of that other stuff.  There's always so much to do right at Disney and since the tickets get cheaper the more days you go, I can never see a reason to fork out $75 a person or something to go to Universal or Sea World for a day.  Maybe one year I'll try it but I haven't bothered yet!
Thanks for your help.. PS any books I can get to stop bothering you??.

Nah.  It isn't a bother!  I love answering questions!  But, if you want a book anyway, my favorites are the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and its corresponding website and app at  I also like the Passporter Guidebooks for Disney and the Disney Cruise.

Hope that helps!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New Thoughts

I'm bringing the blog back! forget about CM (they went under anyway!), but I want to bring this blog back to life with some Disney posts, scrapbooking posts, Cub Scout posts and whatever else is On My Mind! I picked that name for a reason back in the day and I'd like to go back to that line of thinking. So, keep your eye out for more to come!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Blog up!!

Jess Scraps

is up and running and I'm giving away some nice SBC+ templates over there -- come follow me there, ok? Thanks!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Blog Starting Soon! This will be my blog where I focus on CM stuff and SBC+. I will still keep this blog for sharing my favorite Disney kits and freebies. I need to keep them separate to keep myself from getting in trouble with certain boards and with Creative Memories (since I'm now a consultant!). So, for all of my loyal followers (all EIGHT of you!), please consider following my new blog, too!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Magic Meets Inspiration and some of my favorite links

I met a lot of great scrappers at the Scrapbooking meet at Magic Meets this weekend. It was fun to meet and share with lot of fellow Disney Scrappers. I hope I even talked a few of them into trying digital scrapping! So, if you're here because I inspired you to check out some digi stuff -- yippee! I thought I"d share some of my favorite digi Scrapping stores and forums for those who might want to start digital scrapping and don't know where to look!

If you want to find some great freebies (who doesn't?), start with Ikea Goddess's blog

If you want to buy some awesome Disney digital kits and snag some fantastic corresponding freebies, follow Britt-ish Designs blog and the ScrapMatters blog. There you will find INCREDIBLE freebies like this:

and kits for purchase like this recent release (I can't wait to use this one!)

All of these kits and freebies can be used in any digital scrapping software because they are in .jpg and .png format. I LOVE Britt's stuff and I use it all the time with my StoryBook Creator software.