Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fabulous Freebie Finds Today!

Wow -- I snagged some great freebies today! One of them will be great for Tomorrowland or Future World photos, too! So, since I'm a freebie junkie, here are my fantastic finds for today!

Built Tough from Raspberry Road designs. A great set of papers and elements for the tough little dudes in your life. If your kid likes diggers like mine does, this kit is a must have!
Here is a picture of the elements, there are papers, too!

Here is the kit I sad could be good for Disney Tomorrowland or Future World layouts. I just think it is adorable! It is a collab between Pineapple Plantation, Scrap Orchard, and Ziggle Scraps and it is great! Here is a link to the page with the links to all three parts of the kit and here is a picture of some of the elements in the kit:
And another great general freebie from Angel in my Pocket Designs today. yet another piece of her HUGE Sweet Orange Blitz kit! I think all of the links for the entire kit are still active, so if you really want to spend some time downloading freebies, go on over there and get started! If you already have the rest of the kit, then grab up these beautiful overlays to add to the collection!

Those are my faves for today, I hope you grab some of them! Don't forget to leave the designers some love if you download, so they know we like their work!! (feel free to leave me some love, too, if you like my freebie list :) )

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Joanne said...

aww your an angel...and on a day I really really needed a nice thing to happen to me..to make me smile...thank you so much..for the plug..makes it all worth while..you are so kind..thank you..so much...I will get you linked up..to my site..to..when I go in to do my next post..today I am just puttering around..having bad pms...smiles..ty..lovely blog..going back after the comment..to read through..