Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mickey Plates

This may seem silly, but today I'm talking about Mickey Plates. These are the plates that kid's meals are served in at Walt Disney World. I posted about them on the DIS and it turns out that I'm not the only crazy person that saves the plates and re-uses them at home! My 3 year old loves to eat his snacks out of these Mickey plates and I love how deep they are, so they keep the snacks in place, especially if I give him something he's allowed to carry around the house!

Anyway, someone requested a picture of the plates, so as I was uploading it etc, I decided to take the opportunity to test the Blog This! button in Picasa. It seems to work! I love Picasa. I'll write about that another day.
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Emy Patchwork said...

Hi Jessica,I am Priscilla from Brazil,really nice pics and what a nice scrap you did.