Monday, June 16, 2008

Disney Digital Scrapping Kits

I seem to have gotten myself a tiny little following on the DIS and ScrapShare as the Disney Digital LO lady. So, in order to summarize what I have been telling people, I think I'll start a list of my favorite sites and kits for scrapping Disney Digital pages.

Today I think I'll focus on general kits that work for Disney pics and Mickey pics. I will do future posts on Princesses, Pirates, Hollywood themes, Safari themes, character themes, and different "land" themes.

The kit I seem to reach for first is Britt-ish Designs Leave the World Behind. I actually scored it for free the first week it came out by sending Britt a show-off, but I would have scarfed it up instantly when it came out no matter what!! I LOVE this kit!

Here is a picture of it:
and here is one of the MANY LO's I have used this kit to make (click for credits):
Britt also made a fantastic freebie kit that goes with this mega kit. It is called Mouse in the House and it is a critical addition to your Disney digital scrapping stash!! Here is the picture:
You can click the link or the picture to go to Britt's blog to get the freebie. Here is one of my LO's that uses both of these great kits together!! Click for credits.
Another designer that has a lot of great Disney-related kits is Seebee of SeeBee's Freebies. If you go to her blog and search for "Dream Trip" you'll find TONS of free magical downloads! Here are a few of my favorites Mickey-related ones:
Papers (pics are clickable)
cool borders:
I love these photo corners, too:
Here is a kit I have, but haven't gotten to play with yet. It is from Digital Dry Goods and it is called Love the Mouse! and it is adorable!!
Those are the Mickey-colored kits that came to mind first. I hope you find this list helpful. I think I'll work on my Pirate list next!! AAAARRRR!!!


The Wallaces said...

Thanks for the link back to Digital Dry Goods! Great blog!!

Corey said...

Just wanted to thank you for posting about the digital kits. I just went and bought "Leave the World Behind." I also really enjoyed looking at your digital scrapbook pages. I'm working on my Disney album from last year and enjoyed the inspiration.