Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Furminator (AKA the $50 dog brush)

I can't believe I spent $50 on a DOG BRUSH. Dog crate, sure! Dog show, of course! Do brush? Not so much. But I have to say, after one day of owning the Furminator, i already believe that I got my money's worth. This thing is AMAZING! I have two Labrador Retrievers, one yellow and one chocolate and they are shedding like crazy right now, so I splurged for the Large, $50 version of the Furminator. I read a few reviews of the product online and I decided that I had to have it. The piles of dog hair on my grass outside tell me that I made a good decision. Well, buying it was a good decision, I'm not sure if brushing them outside on a windy day was the best idea, my neighbors downwind might not have been so thrilled!! Oh well, at least there is a HUGE pile of dog hair outside instead of piling up in the corners of my house. If you have a shedding dog, and are wondering if the Furminator is worth the price, I say go for it. And if you have neighbors that you don't like, brush the dog when the wind is blowing their way!!

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