Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been a slacker! But I SOLD some pictures!

Sorry I have been such a slacker lately! I was so busy getting ready for my Disney trip and then recovering from my Disney trip that my poor little blog got a tad neglected! Well, I have a lot to share since my trip, but I'll start with some exciting news -- I SOLD some pictures! I have been pretty pleased with some of the photos I snapped on my last two Disney trips and between ScrapShare and the DIS, I have had a few requests from Scrapbookers for some of my pics, so I decided to share them on Smugmug and even try to make a few cents here and there selling the prints. Well, someone ordered a bunch of my pics for their scrapbook yesterday and it just thrills me!! If you'd like to see the pictures I have available to share, go HERE and check them out! I make a few cents per print if you order them directly form Smugmug, so if you like my work, go ahead and order some prints for your scrapbook, OK?

I took a lot of night shots, castle, fireworks, and sign photos on this past trip. I'm headed back to the World in a few weeks (yes, I'm insane), so I'm taking photo requests, too! I still have more to upload from this past trip, so keep checking back. I'll have even more pictures posted soon. Here is a little sample of what you'll find in my galleries:




and lots more:

So, feel free to check out my Smugmug site and order any prints you can use for your book! Or for framing, etc! If you use any of my pictures in a layout or for framing, I'd love to see them in use! Enjoy!!