Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much going on today!

What with the Olympics starting (how 'bout those opening ceremonies!) and ScrapMatters re-launching their site (yes, just as exciting as the olympics for some of us!!), there is just so much going on today! I think I plan to stay in my jammies all day surfing the web and watching hours of Olympic coverage! Sounds like fun to me!! I might not make it all day, but I'll sure try!

Anyway, the real reason that I'm posting is because there are some GREAT new Disney kits out there today and I want to get them up here ASAP. This first one is my favorite. I can't WAIT to dig out my Buzz Lightyear pics and go to town with this kit. It is from Britt-ish Designs (of course). Click the pic to go to the store:

and for those Woody or cowboy/Frontierland pics:

Those two are also available for a short time the "You've got a friend in me" combo in the ScrapMatters Store. That's what I went with -- gotta have 'em both!!

In other Disney news, here's a cool freebie from Dolly's Dreamings. She makes such adorable elements that are really versatile! Here are the castle overlays she is giving away today!
While Browsing the SM store, I also found these two kits that would be fantastic for Animal Kingdom Layouts:
and this one:
That one even has some adorable quick pages to go with it:

I'm not ususally a big quick page kind of gal, but those are really adorable! I may have to get those, too! Geez, now I'm enabling myself! I'm in deep trouble! :) Enjoy the kits, maybe if I stop shopping for a few minutes today, I'll do a little scrapping! I'll be sure to post my layouts when they are done!

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Chel said...

Thanks for the overlay link. I had not come across that one yet.