Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here are the Disney kits you have been looking for!

I'll get right to it! Images are linked.

Here's a great Mickey Freebie from Scrapping 'til Dawn:

and an adorable freebie add on as well:

Here is an awesome Nemo Kit I found for sale at Pretty Scrappy

I'm buying this kit for sure! It will make some ROCKIN' Mickey pages!! This one is from 3 Pixel Chicks:

Here are some cute Lilo & Stitch papers from MeeGee Designs. I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with designers using clipart in their designs, but as far as I know, if it is a freebie, it is OK. If I find things with clip art that I REALLY like, I'm posting them. If I find out that's a non-no, I'll stop! :)

Here's another kit from Irish Eyes Designs that would be great for Disney Cruise photos. Someday I'm going to go on one of these cruises, I swear!!

Haynay did some nice red papers for us Disney lovers:
And last, but not least, here are some great Winnie the Pooh stickers by Unleashed Scraps:


witchypoo said...

Hi MeeGee Designs here, honoured that you have put a link on your blog to my Lilo & Stitch Papers. could you please e-mail me with your address so that I can talk to you about maybe putting my Disney Papers on your blog as well ? my address is



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