Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW -- I'm so behind! Here's a little about what I've been up to...

Whew! I'm sorry I'm so behind on this blogging thing. I found tons of great Disney stuff in the past week and I kept meaning to post it, but then life just got away from me. We had swim classes and Magic Meets (a huge gathering of crazed Disney fans that get together in PA of all places), a trip to Hershey Park, a dog show, and I don't even know what else in there!

Anyway, I haven't shared much about me on this blog yet, and I guess maybe I should. I think that is a lot of the reason I frequent some of the blogs I do, because I like the person publishing them, not just for the freebies or links (although I do LOVE freebies!). So, I guess if I want people to LIKE me, they might need to know a little about me! So, since I mentioned my crazy schedule, here are a few photos form the last week or so, so you can see what I've been up to:

My son AJ and husband Scott meeting Mike Scopa at Magic Meets (Scopa is a celebrity among Disney freaks like me, he is a cohost on the WDW Today podcast, my favorite Disney podcast!)

AJ getting a WDWRadio lanyard from another Disney fan celebrity -- Lou Mongello!!
Having fun at Hershey Park!
Besides being a Disney geek and digital scrapbooker, I also have another obscure hobby -- Dog Agility. I haven't been participating in dog shows as much lately (gas prices and saving all of my $$ for Disney trips have interfered with my dog show budget!), but I did go to a local one this past weekend. It was sponsored by the club that I teach classes for, so I guess that's a good reason for me to go!

My dog Porter (yes, he's named after beer, just like my first dog Lager!) and I competed in three events and he qualified in two of them! That's a pretty good day for me and Porter. We tend to go to shows and come home with nothing a lot, so two Q's out of three is a real accomplishment for us! The venue we competed in this weekend is called DOCNA. It is a relatively new and FUN agility venue. We had a blast competing and here is a picture of us running:

I have a video clip, too, but i can't figure out how to post it. If I figure that out, I'll post the video sometime, too. Anyway, that's a little about what has been going on here in the past week. Hope I didn't bore you to death! I'll go root through my bookmarks and downloads now to dig up all those Disney freebies and kits I spotted for you this week and post those next! Enjoy!


Yettiebug said...

Hey AJ looks almost as tall as Lou. But that's not hard! LOL I'm a Disney nut just like you! Glad to hear you had fun at Magic Meets.

labdogs42 said...

BWAHAHAHA!! That's a great Lou joke! Maybe I'll have to send a copy of that picture to the WDW Today guys for fun!