Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Whole Lot of Disney Stuff

Whew! I have stumbled on quite a few Disney freebies and kits this week. This might be a LONG post! Let's start with these two little gems from Designs by Ellie:

Then we have lots more animals for those AK pages at Grafx4All: (the link will take you to her page with all of the animal downloads, there are 8 kits so far, not all pictured here):

and an adorable AK kit to purchase HERE:

Then there's this little freebie gem from My Everything -- I can't wait to use this one!!

And here's a new one that isn't a freebie, but is a must-have for anyone doing a princess page (IMO). It is called "No Prince required" by Ziggle Designs. How cute is that? It even has little mice and birds in it!! You can buy it at Scrap Orchard. Here's a picture of it!

I plan to buy it today, even though I don't have any little princesses. I'll find a way to use it, even if I have to get MY pictures with the princesses next time I go to Disney World! Mommies can be princesses, too, right??

And then I also found these Winne the Pooh FREEBIE papers from Dawn. Aren't they adorable?


DimpleBrandy said...

Hi Labdogs !!

Just wanted to let you know I bookmarked your site !!!

Thanks for the heads up on great Disney stuff !!


Deltapdawn said...

Thank you for passing on my Winnie the Pooh Papers!

ziggle said...

OMG!! thank you so much for featuring my new kit!! you rawk!!

Chel said...

Thank you!